I-view Press Release 9th April 2014



- Australians do not like the idea of Knighthoods-

April 9th, 2014

Australians are to be divided along political lines about the effects of the Federal Government’s plans for major cuts in spending in the May Budget, according to a recent I-view Omnibus survey.

The survey found that four in 10 Australians (43%) said spending cuts were necessary by the Federal Government. In response to the question: ‘The Federal Budget will be brought down in May, and the Government has foreshadowed major spending cuts in an attempt to reduce the budget deficit. Do you believe that major Government spending cuts are necessary?’, another 30% of respondents said ‘no, spending should be maintained’, while 7% said ‘no, spending should be increased’ and 20% said they were not sure.

“These results reveal that Australians are following their political affiliations when deciding about whether they support or oppose the prospect of spending cuts in the upcoming May Budget,” I-view Managing Director Aaron Morris said.

“This perhaps means that they have not yet begun to think too much about the idea of major Government spending cuts, but in the abstract, people seem to be dividing along lines of political party affiliations. However, much detail on the planned cuts is yet available from the Government.

The strongest support for spending cuts comes from those over the age of 50, at 50%, with those aged 18 to 49 years much less in favour, at 39%. Those who support the Coalition parties are much more likely to say they support Government spending cuts, at 69%, with those supporting the ALP and the Greens much more in favour of maintaining, or increasing Government spending, at 67%.

“The majority of Australians, however, were unimpressed with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s recent announcement about reinstating Knighthoods, with half the population believing it was not a good idea,,” Morris said.

Only 19% of Australians agreed that Knighthoods were a good idea. In response to the question: ‘The Prime Minister has recently reinstated Knighthoods as part of the Order of Australia, to be awarded to up to four ‘pre-eminent Australians’ each year on the Prime Minister’s personal recommendation. Do you believe that this change is a good idea?, 49% said that they thought it was not a good idea and 32% said they were not sure.

A total of 1,050 people were surveyed in the I-view Omnibus, weighted to total Australian general population by age, gender and location.