I-view Press Release-13th May 2014



  May 13th, 2014

 A majority of Australians believe that the Federal Government’s proposed ‘Deficit Levy,’ if implemented in tonight’s Budget, would represent a broken promise from the commitments made by the Prime Minister before the September 2013 Election, according to a recent I-view Omnibus survey.

 In response to the question: ‘Do you believe that, if it was implemented in the Budget, the proposed ‘Deficit Levy’ would represent a broken promise from the Government, given the pre-election commitments made by the Prime Minister?’ 56% of respondents agreed that it would be a broken promise; only 19% said it would not be a broken promise, and the remaining 25% of respondents said they were unsure.

 I-view Managing Director Aaron Morris said: “A clear majority, almost six in 10 respondents, believe that the Federal Government would be breaking a promise made to the Australian people before the 2013 election that they would not introduce any new taxes, if they went ahead with the proposed ‘Deficit Levy’.

 “Interestingly, while most people believe that the ‘Deficit Levy’ would be a broken promise, a near majority, 48%, also actually agrees with the concept of implementing this levy to be applied to high income earners.”

 In regard to other potential inclusions in the Budget, the survey results show respondents are opposed to a Medicare co-payment of $6 for a visit to a GP (57% opposed, only 29% in favour), are opposed to cutting the ABC’s funding (47% opposed, only 31% in favour) and are opposed to changing the retirement age for receiving the Age Pension to 70 (a substantial 69% opposed, only 18% in favour.)

 In a related question, a near majority of respondents (47%) are also opposed to the Prime Minister’s revised plan for his signature Paid Parental Leave scheme, with only 34% saying they are in favour.

 The results from the I-view Omnibus ‘voting intention’ question also show a continuing drop in support for the Federal Coalition, with the two party preferred results now indicating the ALP leads the Coalition by 53% to 47%. The previous I-view Omnibus results from two weeks ago showed the ALP was ahead by only 51.5% to 48.5% on a two party preferred basis.

 “This downward voting intention trend must be a worrying development for the Federal Government, and for Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, as the two party preferred results, if they were replicated at a general election, would sweep the Coalition from power.” said Aaron Morris.

A total of 1,047 people were surveyed in the I-view Omnibus, weighted to the total Australian general population by age, gender, location and education.