Have you been approached by I-view for a face to face interview?

If we have approached you at your home (or perhaps in the street, in a store or on public transport) to take part in an interview and you have further queries then please contact us by emailing iview.enquiries@ipsos.com and we can handle your request. Please include the date/time that we contacted you and the address/street name where you were contacted to help us process your request quickly.

Why is my opinion important?

I-view is one of the largest market and social research companies in Australia. We carry out a wide range of different surveys including

  • Social Research – which helps National and Local Government and public bodies to identify priorities and allocate resources.
  • Media Research – which measures and researches Radio audiences, collects readership figures for the national press, and monitors the TV equipment people have in their homes.
  • Consumer research – asks people about products and services and records performance levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Opinion polls - which collect people's opinions on many political and social topics.

So our clients are really keen to hear your views. This will help them make decisions on these important issues. For further information on why we approached you, please read answers to some of the questions you most frequently ask us about our surveys.

Why have I been chosen to take part?

We cannot interview everyone, so we interview a number of different types of people to reflect the society in which we live. Often we will select a group of addresses at random from post code lists and ask our interviewers to work there. Participation in all our surveys is voluntary and we realise that our success is dependent on the goodwill of the general public. If you do not wish to take part, please say so and the interviewer will respect your decision.

How do I know if the interviewer is genuine?

All I-view interviewers carry an Identity Card with their photo and name and interviewer number which they should show you. If you want to check that they genuinely work for us, please contact us on +61 2 9333 6500 during office hours. At the end of the interview, you should be given a thank you leaflet telling you about Market Research and giving contact details for our company.

How do I know if I-view is a genuine company?

The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations, our industry body, can confirm that I-view is a genuine, reputable research agency. Contact them on +61 2 9552 4618 or visit their website at http://www.amsro.com.au However, AMSRO cannot answer queries about surveys or individual interviewers. If you have this type of query, please contact us as above.

Why did the interviewer ask for my telephone number?

We ask for this information so we can check that our interviewers have recorded your answers accurately. We want to be sure that they are good ambassadors for I-view. You may receive a telephone call or a reply paid card from us asking you to confirm some details about the interview.

How do I know my information will be safe?

I-view takes information security very seriously.

Our interviewers will tell you what the research survey is about, and you can be sure that all your details will be kept completely confidential. Your personal details will be kept separately from your answers, so no one will know what you, as an individual, have said. The information and opinions you give will be added together with those of everyone else who has taken part, and produced in the form of percentages in statistical tables.

When our quality control checks have been completed, your personal details will be securely destroyed. If your interview was carried out on a computer, then you can be sure that the information was sent down the telephone line to our main computer in a secure and encrypted form. You will not receive "junk" mail or unsolicited sales calls as a result of taking part a survey for I-view.

What are the rules regarding interviewing older people? My elderly relative was interviewed.

Interviewers are trained to take extra care when interviewing older people – to always show their ID really clearly, and on some surveys, to register with the local police. In a complex where there is a warden present, they should call the warden to explain what they are doing. Our interviewers know that some older people will have been told by family and friends not to invite strangers into the house. We would not automatically reject someone because they were older, as that would cut us off from the views and opinions of a growing section of society. Older people have a great experience of life and they often have more time than – say – people in work or with families; and we find that many of them are pleased to have the chance to "have their say".

The interview lasted longer than the interviewer said

We instruct our interviewers to give an honest estimate of how long the interview should last, but this isn’t always easy. The interview length may vary according to the answers you give, the experiences you have had, the opinions you hold.

My street is a no cold-calling zone with notices, yet an interviewer still knocked on my door.

I-view is a genuine Market Research company – we are not canvassing or trying to sell anything. Many of our surveys actually relate to the services provided in your local area, so your opinions may influence the allocation of resources, or improvements and changes that will affect you directly. If you are concerned about the credentials of our interviewer, please contact us for reassurance.

We support action taken to eliminate bogus salespeople and canvassers.

Why doesn’t the interviewer make an appointment to call?

Usually we issue our interviewers with a selection of addresses at which to call, but we don’t know which addresses they will actually choose, who lives there or whether anyone in a particular house will be eligible for interview there. Often our surveys have tight deadlines too, so it’s not practical for us to make appointments.

What are the results? Can I see them?

Sometimes our work is published in the press or our company website. Or our client may issue a press release, which generates media coverage. If a survey is for the local council, the results will often be available in the council newspaper or magazine and on the website. However, much of our work is for private clients and not for publication.

I would like to make a complaint.

To operate successfully and to maintain our professionalism, we welcome any comments you may have to help us to improve the way we operate. If you have a particular issue regarding an interviewer, please contact us by phone or email (please see question 2).

I’d like to work as an interviewer.

If you have enjoyed your experience as a respondent and feel that the work may suit you please visit the careers section of our website or phone our recruitment line on +61 2 9060 2600 to ask for an information pack.