Peter Kirk

Client Service Director

Peter has over ten years experience in both the technical and project management spheres of market research. Within the industry, Peter has worked extensively in programming and data analysis. Beginning at I-view as a Senior Data Analyst in 2004, Peter has been involved in all facets of the data collection process.

His vast experience includes working on long-term trackers and ad hoc studies in the health and FMCG sectors. During his time at I-view, Peter has successfully managed a variety of complex research projects involving printing, fieldwork, telephone interviewing and complex data management.

Between 2009 and 2010 Peter was responsible for Online Services in I-view Victoria and he took on the role of Client Service Director for Victoria in January 2011.

Cathrine McClelland

Coding and Data Entry Manager

Cathy started her career in Market Research at AGB McNair as a Data Entry Operator for two years, before moving to Info Corp first as a Supervisor and later being promoted to Data Entry Manager, a position she held for 10 years. In 1997 Cathy established her own Coding and Data Entry company, Cathlan Pty Ltd, and ran it successfully for seven years.

With her 25 years of knowledge in market research operations, Cathy has brought a wealth of experience to her role as Coding and Data Entry Manager at I-view. Within that role, one she's held for 6 years now, Cathy also manages numerous trackers and ad hoc projects, both online and offline.

Ivan Amalo

Analyst Manager (NSW)

Ivan has over seven years' experience in our data processing department. Prior to joining the data processing department, Ivan worked in many areas in I-view ranging from the CATI call centre in Team leading / Supervisory roles, to Data Entry & Coding.

Ivan has worked on large scale projects, long term trackers and ad hoc studies in many sectors, for example: media, financial services/banking, motor vehicle, FMCG, IT, healthcare and government/community research.

As the NSW Analyst Manager, Ivan is responsible for managing the NSW analyst team, and for data collection preparation/scriptwriting for CATI/Online/CAPI/Data Entry modules, data manipulation, tabulation/reporting, and internal training on data analysis software.

Jenny Green

Field Manager

Jenny has extensive experience across the market research and advertising industries. This encompasses 25+ years across field, qualitative and quantitative studies and as a recruitment supplier. Her 3 key interest areas are - Integrity, Quality and Process streamlining.

Jenny has worked at Nielsen for the last 6 years before joining I-view. In the last 2.5 years she managed the Radio audience media measurement project in NSW and Perth (metro and regionally) and prior to Radio, was Nielsen's Pharmacy/Retailer Data collection coordinator and a HILDA phone interviewer, whilst also managing her own MR recruitment supply business.

Jenny has worked with clients in UK, USA, Asia and Australasia on longitudinal government tracking studies, FMCG, B2B, Consumer, Healthcare, Automotive and Financial sector projects. Her expertise is in recruitment/training of interviewers, KPIs, telephone interviewing, payroll and QA.

Matt Henderson

Account Director

Matt is a social scientist both by nature and profession. Ever curious to discover the motives that drive human behaviour, he holds a degree in Economics & Sociology, and has extensive Market Research experience within Australia and overseas.

Since the start of his career with I-view in 2002, Matt progressed to the role of CATI Manager in 2005, before transferring to the US in mid-2006 to work for Ipsos Interactive Services (IIS) in New York. As an innovative thinker, he has trained teams of Project Management and Operations staff in IIS North America, and also IIS Europe - travelling to Romania in 2010 and again in 2011.

Matt returned to I-view Melbourne at the end of 2011 to resume servicing clients in both CATI and Online. He is truly passionate about our business: opinions and ideas!

David Morris

Australian Field Director

David has worked at I-view for over 11 years in Operational and Management roles. Starting in 2004 he has experience managing our CATI facilities in Melbourne, running large scale fieldwork projects in South East Queensland and setting up and managing the emma Media Readership study.

During his time at I-view David has had experience in all facets of the business, including CATI, fieldwork, online surveys as well as large scale multi-modal surveys.

David is currently the Victorian Operations Manager, responsible for the CATI facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as helping to improve our processes across the business.

Mihailo Tosovic

Data Services Manager ANZ

Mihailo (aka “Miki”) is responsible for Data Services provision across the business, covering the management of both our Australia and New Zealand staffing hubs.

Over the course of his career dating back to 2006, Miki has held Senior Data Analyst roles for Research Solutions, Synovate, and Ipsos. Prior to joining I-view as our Data Services Manager in 2016, he’s previously held this same role for Colmar Brunton.

Miki's work includes overseeing the scripting and data processing teams for large-scale projects in health, finance, transport and a variety of other industry areas, as well as long-term trackers in government, telecommunications and FMCG sectors.

Peter Chan

Senior Data Analyst

Approaching two decades of service: this is the depth of experience Peter has as a Scriptwriter and Data Analyst for I-view. This includes work on high-profile ad-hoc and tracking projects in sectors such as health, education, insurance, automotive, financial services and telecommunications.

Peter is our “go-to” champion in the use of our main data collection platform Dimensions, including Survey Reporter. He has expert-level knowledge across the multiple areas of: data collection programming and scriptwriting for CATI/Online/CAPI/Data Entry modules; data manipulation and weighting; tabulation/reporting; and, data analysis.

Additional software expertise includes Microsoft Office software, such as Excel (including Visual Basic programming), Access and Word; Artifact, SPSS, SAS, Surveycraft and Confirmit.