Telephone (CATI)

National. International. 300+ Interviewers

Every year, we conduct over 200,000 hours of telephone interviewing across Australia and Internationally. With a huge resource pool of over 400 ISO 20252 trained interviewers and 120 CATI stations throughout Australia, no one is better placed to help you with your next research project, whether it’s a small ad hoc study or a complex long-term tracking project.

The fast facts

  • Access to a pool of over 300 ISO 20252 trained interviewers
  • 120 CATI stations in Australia managed by a dedicated team of experienced supervisors and team leaders
  • Inbound, outbound and International calling capacity
  • Ability to interview in languages other than English (LOTE)
  • Real-time monitoring of interviews available in house or remotely
  • Fully customised data collection platform with multi-method capabilities (SPSS Dimensions)
  • Response rate maximization via computer controlled call algorithms and Interviewer training
  • Auto-dialer capability for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Specialist teams for social research, business to business interviewing, financial, health and consumer projects

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